The best content for fashion brands.
It’s important to keep in mind the ever-changing algorithm updates and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly so that you don’t find it hard to get content in front of your potential customers. You also don’t want to post too much. This could potentially irritate your audience – especially if the content isn’t relevant or appealing!

The Size:
Your imagery must be optimized for each platform. An image that appears to be of high quality on Instagram and fits well, may not look as great on Facebook, due to the dimension requirements being different. Also, be careful when posting from your smartphone, as the image won’t be optimized for desktop users!

Do you encourage people to react to your content? Reactions have overtaken likes on Facebook so you want to encourage people to react to your posts! If it’s a rainy day, why not upload a picture of a beach with ‘hands up who’d rather be here today?’ Use video – people respond better to this.

It’s true that audiences will get tired of seeing purely product imagery on their feeds. You want to mix it up, include lifestyle images that are attractive, not over filtered and encourage a response. Brand some of your content, you want people to know who’s responsible for it and where they can find it! If you take a look at brands such as Missguided, they use Memes (which they brand), gifts, product imagery, lifestyle imagery – the list goes on! Consider making 80% of your content conversational and then 20% of it product based.

Behind the scenes
People love to know what is going on behind the scenes! Give them sneak peaks via Instagram stories. This will help add to the personality of your brand and also build trust with potential customers.

User Generated
Within the fashion industry, user generated content is so popular. If you’re a brand that gifts bloggers in return for promotion on their social platforms, why not repost their content? You see a lot of well-established brands doing this, as it helps foster trust. It’s also some content that you’ve not got to had to come up with yourself!

If you’re running a promotion, whether it be free next day delivery or the release of a new range, then promote it on your social media platforms! If you’re running competitions that will capture email addresses for you, then you want as potential customers entering as possible so that you can target them with email marketing campaigns.

Networking & Outreach.
Try and network your brand as much as you can to help increase brand exposure and awareness. We’ve built up various community pages over the years that have over 3.5 million users following them, allowing us to share our clients content and reach a larger audience, full of new potential customers!

You want to try and dedicate time to connect with your potential and existing customers, talk to them, give yourself a voice and a bit of personality! Don’t just respond to positive feedback, if a customer has a problem, for example, their items not arrived by the original time stated then show them that they’re valued and try give them advice until customer support responds to them!

Capturing Data.
Run a competition to win a bunch of clothes, or online store credit. Get an app set up on your Facebook where your entrants need to provide their details as well as like and share the competition, which will increase your reach too! Try and share it and get it seen by as many people as possible as the more people that are aware of it, the more people are going to hear about your brand and enter it! You can be really clever and ask people to visit your website and paste the link of their favourite item of clothes into the comment section to be in a change of winning. This will help with your organic SEO and who knows, they may even see something they like when they’re and purchase something straight away!

Sign up form on website
Give people a reason to join your mailing list! Make it incentivised; offer 10% off first order, or free next day delivery. People will be more encouraged to join if they’re rewarded for doing so! You can then take advantage of the data you collect and utilise it in for email marketing campaigns!

Social Profile Tab
This is an easy way for your customers to sign up to your mailing list straight from your Facebook page. Their details will be saved into a database for you to access.

Paid Ads.
Facebook pixel
The new and improved Facebook Pixel is a must for any businesses implementing a paid advertising budget. It allows you to target users who have visited your website via FAcebook ads based on their behaviours when on your website, such as visiting certain pages, adding products to their basket, etc. Best of all, the ads are cross-device!

Preset ads
You can setup preset ads on Facebook which allow you to apply your budget to a set objective. These objectives could be visiting your website, liking your page, joining your mailing list, etc. These are a great way to target new potential customers based on their age, location, gender or even interests.

Boosting posts
These are probably the lease recommended of the various paid ads options, unless you are looking to promote an event, sale or potentially boost a competition. For example, when boosting competition graphics you can direct the ads to your competitors, encouraging their customers to enter your competition, providing their email address which you can market to further down the line.